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8 Ocak 2015 Perşembe

Review: Etude House Skin Malgem Deep Moist

After 2-3 weeks of using this product, I couldn't wait to review.

Package is quite cute in light blue which reminds hydrating and clean. There is a little English explanation on the box.

In this face of the box, they explain using methods of the product. I made some web research and translation with my poor Korean. You can use this product as lotion-toner, use with small peds as a partial mask, put on your own sheet mask and use as a mist.

This product was full and as you see it is almost still full after 2-3 weeks of using which means it will go for a looong time.
It is not like normal colorless tonics. If I would take this without knowing what this is I would say lotion. This is just like a milky lotion.
When my skin condition is good, I use this with cotton pads after my skin cleaning routine as a toner. If my skin is overly dry with flakes (which happens a lot), I use it with patting motions on my face as a lotion.
Honestly I didn't use as mask or mist, btw I think the formula is so thick to use as a mist.
This moisturizes soooo good and when we look at the price-performance it is amazing!
I suggest this product if you have over dry skin as me. But if you don't you should check other options of Skin Malgem series. There are 5-6 products with different benefits.

See you cookies...
Take care^^

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